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If you’ve experienced problems with Avast Software as described on this site, feel free to tell us and everyone else about it here.

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  1. avast charged my credit card without my aqutohrization,i called the bank and suspended my credit card.i e-mailed to avast that they are thieves but nothing i had to close my all internet accounts.i uninstalled avast forever not to install again ever.

  2. I tried several times to cancel , do not renew, my subscription. Then I see a charge to my pay pal account for $53.49 to Digital River. I called them and they gave me a number to Avast. The fellow who answered had such a heavy accent that I could barely understand him. He insisted that he couldn’t locate my credit card umber by the last 4 digits and had to have the entire card number. Which I finally broke down and gave it to him (I know, stupid) and he still couldn’t locate my account. At this point I am pretty sure I am out $53.49 but hope that it is not more due to the credit card number. What a Scam!!!!!

  3. 2 years ago, I cancelled my pay account with Avast. I then got E-mails for my card(expired) number to charge for services I no longer had or used. 2 days ago, I got 2 e-mails from Avast. One, saying my card had expired & give them a new card #, the second, saying my card will soon expire. I ignored these & trashed them.
    Yesterday, Avast had hacked my debit card(a card # that was never given to them) and charged my account.
    I have filed a fraud charge against them. and will pursue, filing further charges.

  4. I was very happy with McAffee but my 5 year contract came to an end so I looked online to renew. Avast was less than half the price so I got that instead but when I started using it it said I needed to upgrade to get ‘full cover’ otherwise my computer was ‘at risk’. I reluctantly paid as now it was about the same price as McAffee. But then Avast said my computer was still at risk and I needed to pay even more money!!
    I now just want to leave Avast and go back to McAffee realising I have been scammed by dishonest marketing.
    Hate it!!!

  5. Avast charged me twice, £80 in total back in 2017 for a single product… and via PayPal charged me £50 last week for an auto renewal of their antivirus software I do not use, own or want, and despite their websites customer services page assuring people they’re entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase(/being robbed) if they don’t wish to renew their antivirus software… I am still not being refunded it seems.

    Avast are literally the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life, I’m a firefighter and I’m being robbed blind by a company which is worth millions of dollars, I am absolutely furious!

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