I have created this site in order to educate computer users about the fraudulent business practices that AVAST Software s.r.o., the creators of the popular Avast! Antivirus, have been engaged in for years.  This company has been ripping off countless unsuspecting users of its products. I do not throw the term “fraud” around lightly. When I say that AVAST Software is engaged in fraud, I mean that this company is actively engaged in ripping off unsuspecting customers, by selling unnecessary “service” contracts using dubious sales tactics.

To be clear, this is NOT a “sucks” website. I am not a disgruntled customer that decided to create a website to rant and rave about a company that produces a poor product. On the contrary, the Avast! Antivirus suite is actually a solid and effective antivirus product, and yet I cannot recommend that anyone utilize it. It is this company’s long-running history of efforts to scam its customers out of substantial sums of money that led to the creation of this site. I am not only a former customer of this company, but also a former reseller. When I established a business relationship with Avast Software, they were a reputable outfit with a top notch software package. When I severed ties with them, they had become an unscrupulous company that preys on the trust of its user base to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains.

It is my hope that this website will serve as an educational tool that unsuspecting computer users can refer to, and hopefully keep some money in their pockets in the process. Avast Software has developed a track record of taking advantage of people, and should be crossed off anyone’s list of trustworthy software to be installed on his or her computer system.