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If you’ve experienced problems with Avast Software as described on this site, feel free to tell us and everyone else about it here.

164 thoughts on “Tell Us Your Story

  1. I have today received notification from Pay-Pal that they are refunding the £39.99 which Digital River took after I had been around the totally useless ‘Cancel your Account’ on the Avast website. I contacted Pay-Pal asking for a refund, supplying account details from Digital River’s email.
    I have now removed every Avast product from my computer and have no intention of EVER using any of their products again.
    A huge THANK YOU to Pay-Pal. – I regularly use their service when I pay for things online and have always found it easy to use and reliable.
    Obviously companies like Digital River don’t work to the same high standards that Pay-Pal do, mores the pity. I have no commitment to Pay-Pal, other that being one of their many satisfied users, but I would recommend everyone to have a Pay-Pal account.

  2. I had free AVAST antivirus software, but now when I log in it brings up a screen asking me to buy one of its products. I can’t delete the app in task manager..
    The only way with Windows 10 was to stop AVAST is the startup menu of the control panel.

  3. I don’t usually leave comments like this on the net…. but I had £59.99 taken from my account without warning from Avast.I wasn’t ever notified about an auto renewal. What an awful thing to do to customers. I reported this to paypal and paypal confirmed it was an unauthorised transaction. I also messaged Avast for a refund but paypal got the money back straight away and confirmed it was unauthorised. Avast… piss poor form… Only had bad customer service from them in the past too. Don’t ever ******* bother with them.

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