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If you’ve experienced problems with Avast Software as described on this site, feel free to tell us and everyone else about it here.

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  1. I am trying to get a refund for an UNauthorized avast charge, they say that they can not find my account but yet they took money from my paypal account. has anyone gotten any resolve from this?
    what are the next steps to getting your money back when paypal wont back you because it was taken as an ‘authorized’ charge???
    I had to look up what avast even is!!!!


    • I filed a complaint with pay pal which they dismissed. I never had avast yat they charged my account over $100 without authorization it is fraud ,/theft

    • I have just had £74 99 taken out in PayPal they even used my card number and I have never heard of them I have been scammed and I am 81 years old

  2. I bought a 2,99 euro a month suscription for 3 years, they billed me the whole amount. Tehy wont refund, because my credit card billing came 40 dyas after the purchase, and they refund until de 30th day. Anyone had this problem? I wouldn´t have bought it if I knew it was a 110 euro payment . Anyone with this problem? They dont want to refund me, what can i do?

  3. I have bought Software from Avast about 6 months ago. All of a sudden they deducted another R629.00 again. I have been struggling to get this money back, but no luck. Filled out numerous forms by them and by my bank. it is sick that banks allow these things. dri-Avast is dishonest, and I will tell everybody I know.

  4. UNOTHAURIZED CHARGED AND NO REFUND ALTHOUGH PROMISED I bought a basic antivirus subscription last year. Then I requested not to renew my subscription and filled out all required forms on time. In October Avast charged me anyway for a renewal without me having authorized one and having already requested cancellation. The amount was also higher than the one I had paid a year ago. I immediately requested a refund based on their 30 days refund policy, they assured me that I would get one, but I never got a refund. I tried to e-mail support but the email they provided was not working. I tried to fill out a request form that only allowed a very few words and prefixed choices of requests and they just replied that they had cancelled my subscription and of course not a word about the unauthorized renewal, charge or refund.

  5. Avast took auto subscription renewal 15 day before old sub expired. 2 days later sent me email saying were going to auto renew. I immediately cancelled. Then had bank statement saying had taken money before email. Have tried 3 times to request refund but nothing. Is there anyway to actually contact them in person, rather than just fill in refund form?

  6. * You cannot remove Avast from your browser easily, very difficult
    * Every update screws my computer up, have to remove certain modules, why are updates so frequent? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    * Constant harassment with popups lying about all the problems
    * I believe they created the problems so you will spend money
    * Terrible company with no honor
    * These bastards never have enough money, they must sit up all night crafting their next scheme!

  7. I purchased a years AVAST Anti-Virus in 2018, but only wanted it for 12 months. But AVAST have been renewing every year since at teh rate of £75. My original investement was about £20! Avast make it impossible to stop the renewals going out via the VISA PURCHASE sytem. I telephoned their customer service call centre – in the Phillipines? – and the ‘adviser’ was very difficult to understand, and did not seem to want to understand that I was calling to CANCEL the subscription.
    No matter, they just keep processing teh payment and there seems nothing I can do, or my bank(?) to stop them taking money from my account.
    They have offices here in teh United Kingdom – supposedly in London? – but only accept letters by snail mail? They outsource the processing of payments through a Dublin-based outfit called DIGITAL RIVER. No matter who you try and contact there are hurdles to surmount. There can only be one explanation for the difficulties and experience I have had with AVAST and that is they are DISHONEST, CROOKS. The company has a Head Office in Prague, Czechoslavakia which might explain it.
    I certainly wont knowingly do business with a Czech company ever again. AVOID AVAST – they are dishonest, untrustworthy scum!

  8. “When you click Accept , you agree to the installation of Avast Antivirus and that you have read Privacy Policy and agree to the terms of its End User License Agreement” Were words that graced my eyes the second i tried downloading supposedly “free” game.

    Really Avast? This low?

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