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If you’ve experienced problems with Avast Software as described on this site, feel free to tell us and everyone else about it here.

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  1. I am trying to get a refund for an UNauthorized avast charge, they say that they can not find my account but yet they took money from my paypal account. has anyone gotten any resolve from this?
    what are the next steps to getting your money back when paypal wont back you because it was taken as an ‘authorized’ charge???
    I had to look up what avast even is!!!!


    • I filed a complaint with pay pal which they dismissed. I never had avast yat they charged my account over $100 without authorization it is fraud ,/theft

    • I have just had £74 99 taken out in PayPal they even used my card number and I have never heard of them I have been scammed and I am 81 years old

    • I am similar. Tried to question the charge but I do not exist in their system???? If my Email is not in their system and my wife’s Email is not there how is it they can charge me????

      Another evil cyber dwelling company.

  2. I bought a 2,99 euro a month suscription for 3 years, they billed me the whole amount. Tehy wont refund, because my credit card billing came 40 dyas after the purchase, and they refund until de 30th day. Anyone had this problem? I wouldn´t have bought it if I knew it was a 110 euro payment . Anyone with this problem? They dont want to refund me, what can i do?

    • did the same thing to me I subscribed to the liv vpn anti track and cleanup premium that they cost 3/4 euros max which is 49 euros year eahc they charged me 49 euros each go see my bank account and i see that ore than a 100 euros is gone I found out it was avast who basically lied

  3. I have bought Software from Avast about 6 months ago. All of a sudden they deducted another R629.00 again. I have been struggling to get this money back, but no luck. Filled out numerous forms by them and by my bank. it is sick that banks allow these things. dri-Avast is dishonest, and I will tell everybody I know.

  4. UNOTHAURIZED CHARGED AND NO REFUND ALTHOUGH PROMISED I bought a basic antivirus subscription last year. Then I requested not to renew my subscription and filled out all required forms on time. In October Avast charged me anyway for a renewal without me having authorized one and having already requested cancellation. The amount was also higher than the one I had paid a year ago. I immediately requested a refund based on their 30 days refund policy, they assured me that I would get one, but I never got a refund. I tried to e-mail support but the email they provided was not working. I tried to fill out a request form that only allowed a very few words and prefixed choices of requests and they just replied that they had cancelled my subscription and of course not a word about the unauthorized renewal, charge or refund.

  5. Avast took auto subscription renewal 15 day before old sub expired. 2 days later sent me email saying were going to auto renew. I immediately cancelled. Then had bank statement saying had taken money before email. Have tried 3 times to request refund but nothing. Is there anyway to actually contact them in person, rather than just fill in refund form?

  6. * You cannot remove Avast from your browser easily, very difficult
    * Every update screws my computer up, have to remove certain modules, why are updates so frequent? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
    * Constant harassment with popups lying about all the problems
    * I believe they created the problems so you will spend money
    * Terrible company with no honor
    * These bastards never have enough money, they must sit up all night crafting their next scheme!

  7. I purchased a years AVAST Anti-Virus in 2018, but only wanted it for 12 months. But AVAST have been renewing every year since at teh rate of £75. My original investement was about £20! Avast make it impossible to stop the renewals going out via the VISA PURCHASE sytem. I telephoned their customer service call centre – in the Phillipines? – and the ‘adviser’ was very difficult to understand, and did not seem to want to understand that I was calling to CANCEL the subscription.
    No matter, they just keep processing teh payment and there seems nothing I can do, or my bank(?) to stop them taking money from my account.
    They have offices here in teh United Kingdom – supposedly in London? – but only accept letters by snail mail? They outsource the processing of payments through a Dublin-based outfit called DIGITAL RIVER. No matter who you try and contact there are hurdles to surmount. There can only be one explanation for the difficulties and experience I have had with AVAST and that is they are DISHONEST, CROOKS. The company has a Head Office in Prague, Czechoslavakia which might explain it.
    I certainly wont knowingly do business with a Czech company ever again. AVOID AVAST – they are dishonest, untrustworthy scum!

  8. “When you click Accept , you agree to the installation of Avast Antivirus and that you have read Privacy Policy and agree to the terms of its End User License Agreement” Were words that graced my eyes the second i tried downloading supposedly “free” game.

    Really Avast? This low?

  9. This is a fraud business , they charge your credit card with unauthorized amounts and later when you call them they ask you details about the product which you have not even ordered , hope they are investigated and brought to books

  10. avast stopped working on my computer it wouldn;t open or load, called IT and they said my subscription has run out that’s why it had stopped, I said that doesn’t make sense as it would still open in past, it would just say that it had run out and time to renew?! Also when I logged into my account my subscription said Sept 21. He argued it had run out and he could renew it for $129 including one year premier avast and one year tech support subscroption.. then once I paid he could fix my avast up. Extortion?!!! I paid out of desperation as I really needed access to my avast passwords which had stopped working. He deleted and reinstalled avast, sent me an email with my apparent subscription, the avast passwords still not fixed, he said it wasn’t his department and he needed to transfer me to products department. Products had no idea what Avast passwords was?!!!!! said they would get IT to call nme back.. what the actual hell!! I’m pretty sure this is illegal and also all I recieved is a coupon for the avast tech support one month of unlimited tech support (shouldn’t that come with the product?!) and NO one year premium avast anitvirus confirmation email yet. this company has to be illegally operating surely :((

  11. I`m grateful for info ref Avast being heavily into scamming. I wish I`d read this before. Somehow they got on to my computer and it`s hell clearing them out. That`s how they get your credit card details.

    We are taken for fools.

  12. I’ve just found out avast has been taking money from the bank account of my 86 year old mother. In the last 6 months they’ve taken over £380! But on her avast account it show no subscriptions and no payments. How can I get her money back? Surely this can’t be legal

  13. I imagine that the following tale of woe is not unique! Admittedly I’ve been careless – but I also consider that I’ve been duped by Avast! I’ve been in email contact with their Customer Support team (actually very helpful!) – below is my latest email to them. I suspect that some of your readers will recognise the story – others might take it as a warning!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Since your reply of the 21st Oct I now discover that have made a further payment of £34.99 to Avast (via Digital River Ireland) on the 2nd of Nov.

    My computer desktop now has a total of 6 (yes 6!) Avast shortcuts to your various products – NONE of which were specifically requested. These are: Clean Up Premium; SecureLine VPN; BreachGuard; AntiTrack ; Premium; Driver Updater.

    I’ve Contacted my bank (Nationwide Building Society) who confirm the payments made to Avast since Oct ’20 have been:

    5.10.20 £69.99
    17.11.21 £17.49
    8.4.21 £47.76
    20.4.21 £29.99
    4.10.21 £74.99
    2.11.21 £34 .99

    A total of £275.21 in the last 12 months! The bank explained that this unscrupulous selling is indeed possible due to the fact that, when I first purchased one of your anti-viral products, I hadn’t set up a Direct Debit facility with Avast but instead a ‘VISA Purchase’ using debit card number ending in 3701.

    I’ve now just had yet another email from Avast that my Clean Up premium of £49.99 is due for renewal on the 5th of Dec. From the email: ‘We promised we’d get in touch before automatically renewing your subscription. So here we are, with some details you may find handy. You don’t need to do anything. We’re just letting you know’.

    Admittedly I have been unwise in not checking my bank statements carefully enough but what my bank described as ‘unscrupulous’ I would call a SCAM. I have now contacted Nationwide and put a block on any further payments to Avast. I want nothing more from Avast apart from a refund of the £275.21 that I paid for products that I have not requested – will you please arrange without delay.

    In future I shall endeavour to procure computer and phone security packages from suppliers using more trustworthy business practices.

    Yours sincerely,

  14. I bought an Avast clean up online a few years ago. I believed it to be for one year. I’ve just found an email telling me they are taking money for this years subscription. I’ve check my credit card and last year they took this money too. No where when I signed up for the 1 year did I believe I was doing an “auto renewal” It must be done in a very sneaky way, some small box that needs un ticking or very fine print somewhere. I ask: why are companies allowed to do this? If something auto renews it should be the most obvious thing on the page not “hidden”

  15. I think Avast has taken their scam 1 step further. Yesterday. Avast scanned my computer after waking it up- had no issues. A few min later the Avast prog opened up saying there was an update, which I did, then it asked if I wanted to restart my PC now or wait, so I did it at that time.

    At first after restarting, everything was fine – about 5-6 mins later I get a notification that none of my shields were on. I opened Avast and tried to restart them, but couldn’t. I put a support request in & withing minutes, I got a phone call from a tech. I allowed him to remotely control my computer. First thing he lead with aft telling him what happened, was to go into a pitch that “basic” protection only does so much, BUT if I upgrade to Premium…. I stopped him & said I had premium. He told me that I did not. I said again that I did and it was renewed the previous month. Again he said no, then proceeded to say my browsers were hijacked and would be useless to me as they would only open up to a specific website- all the while I had Firefox open and then at his request ( for the remote control) opened Chrome. Really? hijacked and useless? So how was I able to do this I asked him. He never answered me. I repeated that there were NO issues w/ my browsers and his reply was (You are NOT a technician, I am a technician!). I responded that he had no right speaking to me like that & that I in fact have been involved with Internet & computer security for nearly 30 years! and not to bulls!\h!% me.

    He continued to try to sell me browser protection, which I denied, then a 1 time fix, which I turned down & said his job was to fix the issue not sell me products. I also added that I wanted to give Avast the benefit of the doubt and that it was a buggy update. He said it wasn’t, so the only other conclusion was that the update sabotaged my program intentionally, which is fraud. One more thing, a program, called Restoro, which Malwarebytes recognized as malware and was installed onto my computer just after the update. So did Avast’s update install that? I wonder.

    To conclude, since he was so adament that I did not have the premium protection, I think that update was supposed to be installed to people’s computers that only have the free version.

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