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If you’ve experienced problems with Avast Software as described on this site, feel free to tell us and everyone else about it here.

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  1. I tried several times to cancel , do not renew, my subscription. Then I see a charge to my pay pal account for $53.49 to Digital River. I called them and they gave me a number to Avast. The fellow who answered had such a heavy accent that I could barely understand him. He insisted that he couldn’t locate my credit card umber by the last 4 digits and had to have the entire card number. Which I finally broke down and gave it to him (I know, stupid) and he still couldn’t locate my account. At this point I am pretty sure I am out $53.49 but hope that it is not more due to the credit card number. What a Scam!!!!!

  2. 2 years ago, I cancelled my pay account with Avast. I then got E-mails for my card(expired) number to charge for services I no longer had or used. 2 days ago, I got 2 e-mails from Avast. One, saying my card had expired & give them a new card #, the second, saying my card will soon expire. I ignored these & trashed them.
    Yesterday, Avast had hacked my debit card(a card # that was never given to them) and charged my account.
    I have filed a fraud charge against them. and will pursue, filing further charges.

    • The same thing happened to me. I was supposed to get the free avast protection for 3 months. I didn’t like it. It messed up my computer. I never gave them any payment information. Then they charged my PayPal account $99. Twice. PayPal refused to resolve it. I was online today with avast with them trying to twist my arm to continue when I haven’t used it at all. I had even deleted the app. So they refunded $99. PayPal kindly notified me that the issue was resolved. I opened my email 1 hour later to a message from avast welcoming me back for another year. How did they get my PayPal information? Is this a scam site?

  3. I was very happy with McAffee but my 5 year contract came to an end so I looked online to renew. Avast was less than half the price so I got that instead but when I started using it it said I needed to upgrade to get ‘full cover’ otherwise my computer was ‘at risk’. I reluctantly paid as now it was about the same price as McAffee. But then Avast said my computer was still at risk and I needed to pay even more money!!
    I now just want to leave Avast and go back to McAffee realising I have been scammed by dishonest marketing.
    Hate it!!!

  4. Avast charged me twice, £80 in total back in 2017 for a single product… and via PayPal charged me £50 last week for an auto renewal of their antivirus software I do not use, own or want, and despite their websites customer services page assuring people they’re entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase(/being robbed) if they don’t wish to renew their antivirus software… I am still not being refunded it seems.

    Avast are literally the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life, I’m a firefighter and I’m being robbed blind by a company which is worth millions of dollars, I am absolutely furious!

  5. This is a scam that would not be allowed in the European Union under Consumer Protection Laws.
    Their automatic renewal charges are made to the credit card without information and approval.
    There is little credit card companies can do about this.
    It will require action under U.S. laws and I hope someone takes them to court there.
    I am a past user of this fraudulent company, based in Vienna, Austria.

  6. So I had Avast for a few years with no problems.

    Recently March 2020, my yearly subscription was about to expire. Avast had emailed me stating that the auto renew had failed due to a declined card. At the time my account had an old card on file that I never updated and had no intention of updating because I was no longer interested in using their service.

    For two weeks I kept getting prompts on my PC about my subscription about to expire and being offered a lower rate. I paid them no mind because again, I had no interest in continuing using their service. Last night 4-10-20 I’m checking my bank statements just to make sure everything is good and there are no unrecognized charges. The first thing I see is a 63 dollar charge from DRI_AVST.

    I first become confused because I had not purchased anything recently for 63 dollars and then I became incredibly angry and jumped over to my email to see if any emails were received from Avast, the night before 4-9-2020 there is an email stating that my avast subscription had been renewed. At first I thought this was an error because they had my old CC information on file. So I check the invoice and it shows the last 4 digits of my new CC, a CC that again I NEVER PROVIDED AVAST.

    Avast somehow decided to take it upon themselves to save this CC information from most likely other online purchases and just input the info into their system renewing their own services. I NEVER consented to this, I NEVER authorized them to make that payment. Avast STOLE MY INFORMATION to continue to pay themselves.

  7. Avast Is a total SCAM If anyone uses Avast Passwords Erase them because they steal your password and credit card info

  8. Years ago, Norton was doing this same thing. They charged absurd amounts of money and always had a new product that “you need to be safe”. This is why I went with Avast. They were a solid company with a great reputation and didn’t cost much. Now, they have nearly become Norton. And I’m tired of the constant harassing pop-ups that screw up my workflow. I’m so done right now.

  9. On monday 23/04/2020 my Paypal account has been charged twice with the same amount by seller DRI*AVAST Software Digital River Ireland, Ltd.

    Invoice 76282041800 for an amount of 59,99 Eur
    Invoice 76279374600 for an amount of 59,99 Eur

    Not understanding where these amount came from and for what service I have to pay for, have been checking my mails, spam, deleted items, my Paypal activities, Avast products, etc…

    I have never received any order confirmation nor invoice for these Software products. Even when entering the order numbers on their website to retrieve the password to be able to chase a copy of the invoices, no mail arrives in my inbox nor spam, nowhere.

    So I cannot cancel the order nor subscription nor any automatic renewal. Normally I should be adviced when a software product comes to its end term as I ticked it ‘on’ in my account.

    Searching for help through their customer service results in no reply.
    While my Paypal account has been billed already. Paypal doesn’t intervene and says that I have to pay them and file a claim/complaint @ DRI*AVAST Software Digital River Ireland, Ltd. and ask for a refund.

    This is all very confusing as I don’t know what to do. They keep billing me for something which I don’t know how to cancel or for what I’m paying for.

    I have spent so much time trying to find the information, to contact Paypal, Avast etc… but no customer service is available by phone during the Covid-19 restrictions and writing results in more frustration and no answers.

    I just want to cancel all the active ongoing software products immediately and see if a refund is possible or at least know for what I have to pay for.

    Has anyone had a similar experience to mine or could give me some advice to solve this please? Much appreciated!

    Best regards

  10. I tried the software for a trial 60 day period but it was useless. They gave me no warning that the trial was expiring and took £49,99 out of my bank account. I was emailed a strange invoice which came from a company called Digital River Ireland. Both Avast and Digital River Ireland are completely uncontactable, with lots of non-existent phone numbers and online forms. Digital Ireland (or Island) invite you to write a ‘catchy summary’ of your issue but nothing happens when you do this. I’ve uninstalled the software and cancelled my debit card. Don’t touch Avast with a bargepole

  11. After Avast took £49.99 out my account without my permission, I rang up both of the numbers shown under Avast customer services. One was a private number that had nothing to do with Avast. The other was unobtainable.
    I’ve cancelled my debit card and am going to ask my bank’s fraud department to investigate

  12. avast has come down a long way!! they are now worse than a virus….i unsubscribed all my accounts from autorenewal…but they used my paypal account to debit me…thieves!!

  13. I renewed my Avast antivirus in early May – Last week their program updated automatically and caused all of my Microsoft Office programs to stop working. After my Computer tech spent 1/2 a day fixing this problem, Avast tells me that I am past their 30-day return policy for a refund. Well their update conveniently happened exactly 1-week after the 30-day period was up. This is just another way for them to scam people out of money. I have uninstalled them from every computer in our office and they better not ever charge us again or I will file fraud charges against them. They really are worse than a virus!

  14. avast lured me into free trials and then they charged 200 euro without any knowledge of me, done with automatic paypal payment. also paypal wont help either

  15. I had a similar problem. I don’t have Avast on any computer. I may have had it on a few years back, but not since then. So, when the email came saying they were charging my subscription for another year, starting now, I had to go through many hoops to get it resolved. First cancel my subscripton…which I didn’t know I had, then ask for a refund. Everything seemed to go through but I’ll know more when I check my credit card bill. What bothers me is the card information suddenly becoming active, with no avast program to check to see if I had opted out of renewal. Lesson learned….I will watch carefully for any auto payments, and never use Avast of course. It felt like they suddenly had agents all over the world charging credit cards, even from what I thought was an inactive account. A bit scary, and too many hoops for me to have to bother with, so I’ll stick to webroot, which I love.

  16. Today 26/09/20, received an email from Avast advising that a deduction from my bank will be made, even though I cancelled my account with them over a year ago!
    Ok, being realistic, thought lets repeat the cancellation!
    Guess what, even after supplying their original order detail their response was ‘Cancelled Account’. So w hy are they attempting to make a withdrawal from my bank?
    Did they also made an illegal attempt to withdraw funds in 2019?
    That’s something to check and put a block on!
    Be very wary of this company, it might well be not what you think, or expect.

    Sorry made a mistake on the posting of two minutes ago

  17. I daily ran Maintenance because i was intrigued by getting issues every day and sometimes i ran it more than daily. I noticed that after a Fix and Clean the number bf issues were the same, i,e,, there was no clean. I phoned support and was told it could be cleaned for a payment. WHAT A SCAM

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